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              1. Casdilly Group

                Devoted to Innovation since 1993

                • Focused on Military & Police Gear Industry

                  since 1993

                • Participated in Important National & International Events

                  53 times

                • Industry Product Research

                  216 items

                • Personnel Employed Officers Served

                  2380 50M

                Product Display

                • Police Series
                • Armed Police Series
                • Military Series
                • Customization Series
                • International Military Equipment Series
                Government Unit Customization
                Military and Police Customization
                Rivera Customization

                Group Structure

                Major international&National Events

                • 70th Anniversary Military Parade

                • South China Sea Parade

                • 90th Founding Anniversary Parade of PLA

                • G20

                • 60th Founding Anniversary Parade of PRC

                • Aman Youyi-2016 Sino-Mal Joint Miliatry Exercise

                Main Clients

                • Chinese People's Liberation Army

                  Chinese People's Armed Police Force

                  Public Security Fire Bureau

                  Ministry of Public Security Bureau of Border Protection

                  Ministry of Public Security

                  Supreme People's Court

                  Supreme People's Procuratorate

                  Ministry of Justice

                  Public Security Bureau Security Bureau


                • Brazil






                  South Africa


                  Saudi Arabia


                  • Email: sales@chineseytkungfu.com
                  • Phone: 025-85800588 Fax: 025-85800555
                  • Adds: #11 Hengda Road, Nanjing Economic Technology Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
                  • Official Wechat Account

                  • Official Sina Blog Account

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